Your Uncle Chuck Is Wrong

haters-gonna-hateWhether or not we care to admit it, there is a certain stigma attached to network marketing by those that are ignorant of it’s inner workings.  Just like there are critics of our capitalist society (yep, blame it on the commies), there are critics of the network marketing industry.

It’s a classic case of the actions of few bad apples affecting how the masses view the industry as a whole.  I suppose there are a few out there who lost hope in our country as a whole because of the Enron scandal or Wall Street’s irresponsibility back in 2008, but I can tell you that I’m not one of them!

We all have the freedom to make that choice.  We can be a critic or an advocate, be a cynic or remain open minded, but one thing is absolutely undebatable.  There are people from every walk of life that are changing their financial future and building a dream life using network marketing as their vehicle.

News Flash: This industry works if you do!

We all have that crazy Uncle Chuck that knows a guy who did this pyramid thing back in the 90’s and lost his shirt.  The craziest part is that we still continue to let Uncle Chuck’s half-drunken rants about pyramid schemes and lost money distract us from what we all know can be done!

What were some of the goals you had when you started in this industry?

Did you want to own your time and spend it at home with your kids?  Did you want to experience true financial freedom and live life debt free?  Did you want to travel the world while building your business?  Did you want to create a legacy for your family for generations to come?

Here’s a reality check.

Does uncle Chuck own his own time, or does he clock in and enable someone at the top of the corporate ladder to own theirs?

Is Uncle Chuck financially free, or is he triple mortgaged sinking in debt up to his eyeballs?

Has Uncle Chuck ever been successful in the network marketing industry, or for that matter any industry? (for the record, watching college football on TV is NOT an industry)

No, no, and no?

Then WHY do we continually let the cynic rants of a few derail what certainly has the ability to completely transform our lives?!  It does not compute!

If your success is the average of the success of your five closest friends, does it make sense to let Uncle Chuck bring that average down?  Hell no!

We have to consciously and continuously surround ourselves with those who are going where we want to go, that have achieved what we want to achieve and who breath life into our dreams.

Watch what they do and do it.  Keep doing it, learn what works for you, and repeat.  Take the option to quit completely off of the table.

We don’t have time to listen to the naysayers and the people who say it can’t be done.  We’re too busy doing it!

– Josh

“F#@k the naysayers ’cause they don’t mean a thing, ’cause this is what style we bring.” ~311, All Mixed Up

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