Turn Passion to Profits [In Both Life AND Your Bank Account]

I’m always a little bit more excited than usual this time of year.  As summer comes into full swing, the 4th of July, my favorite holiday, is right around the corner.

And who doesn’t like the 4th of July?  It’s a celebration of our independence and freedom that just wouldn’t be right without tossing down cold ones with family and friends, catching up on the latest gossip and goings on.

“How’s work?  How’s the wife/husband?  The kids are in second grade already?”

The majority of us all have that family friend or relative that we dread asking these questions, knowing that it will set them off on a negative barrage of buzz killery.

“Work isn’t great, my boss is an ass and constantly has me working nights and weekends.  I haven’t gotten a raise in 5 years and the husband/wife is always on me when I get home when all I want to do is relax.”

Ho hum.  Oh bother…

Meanwhile you’re doing your best to act concerned but not let their negative vibe bring you down.

“God help me, I never want to be like that!” You’re thinking the whole time.

A recent study by ManPower Group showed that only 16% of Americans are truly satisfied with their jobs.  That means over two thirds of Americans are miserable at work!

The scary thing is that many slip into the black hole of despair without realizing what’s happening.

The fact is that happiness is a choice.  You can choose to make a living doing something that you love, or you can choose to settle with a job that slowly sucks the life out of you.

I hope I haven’t made the future sound too grim, but I wanted to throw out a reality check.

The first step in creating a fulfilling life for you and your family starts with one simple question:

What would you do for a living if money was no object?

Please don’t underestimate the importance of this simple question.

It may not be an easy question to answer right away.  It’s the sad norm today to dismiss our dreams as unrealistic.

Do you remember when you were young and those dreams didn’t seem so impossible?  Do you remember that feeling?

Universal Truth: Your dreams are only unrealistic if you think that they are.

Maybe you love to cook and would love to create your own recipes.  Maybe you love gardening and growing your own food.  Heck, maybe you love to build and collect model trains!

A wise man once said that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.

If you’re struggling to answer try this.

Make a list of:

  1. Your hobbies
  2. Things that you have an interest in
  3. Thing that you have experience in

Start with a list of twenty to fifty possible ideas.

We’re going to use one subject on this list to create a business, so we have to keep cash generating potential in the back of our minds.

To begin to narrow the list down, think of different options you can use to monetize each topic.  If you can’t think of a way, move on to the next.

A few different methods you could consider include becoming an independent consultant for a related direct sales company (how we personally started), selling products or services, consulting, affiliate marketing, selling ebooks or other informational products or selling advertising space.

We’ll cover each one of these options and how to put them to work for you in depth down the road.

Further narrow your list to your favorite three.

Do you feel like you have an edge or insight over many others out there involved in these subjects?

You don’t necessarily need to be a know-it-all guru on the subject to be successful.  If you plan on blogging or creating a website for your business (which is practically a necessity), then people can identify with you as you share your journey through the subject with them.  People will relate to your learning process and the struggles that you may encounter.

Do you have your own take or point of view on the subject?  Do you have a unique perspective that you can offer that enables you to stand out from others in this niche?

Can you address a common problem in this niche?  Can you provide value to potential visitors that’s different from the majority of other authorities on the subject?

Passions are a powerful thing, and no matter what your passion is I can guarantee there are many other people out there who have the same passion as you and are interested in your story.

I hope this helped you begin to bridge the gap in your mind between your passions and a growing bank account.

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Also if you’re new around these parts, stop by the Start Here page if you haven’t already for great info on starting out in the right direction.

Much love!

– Josh

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