Get Motivated

I'd like to start off this post by asking a question.  The majority of americans, whether active in network marketing or not, started their professional lives working a traditional job for a traditional company. Throughout the course of working said 9 to 5 J.O.B. have you or anyone you have ever worked with had the opportunity [...]


Be a Product, Not a Prisoner of Your Past

This was my moment of truth. Success seemed so far away. I played with fire as a kid. I lived in fear of the shadows, checking under cars and crying when the sun went down. Daddy didn’t love me, Momma wasnt proud of me. My honor roll credibility didn’t matter, making national headlines wasn’t good [...]


Your Uncle Chuck Is Wrong

Whether or not we care to admit it, there is a certain stigma attached to network marketing by those that are ignorant of it's inner workings.  Just like there are critics of our capitalist society (yep, blame it on the commies), there are critics of the network marketing industry. It's a classic case of the [...]


“I Give Up”

It's been almost four years since I started with my company. You would think by now I would get used to the idea that some people just won’t make it in our field. I mean, looking back it’s not that shocking really. We quit most of the things we start in our lives. I know [...]


In just shy of 4 years in network marketing we’ve been fortunate enough to rub shoulders with and befriend many amazing top earners and executives in the industry.  We’ve worked under the belief that our level of success would be the average of our 5 closest friends, so of course we wanted to stack the [...]


If you had the opportunity to sit down with a handful of successful network marketers from different companies and ask them what it takes to achieve success in the industry, odds are that you would hear many similar answers.  A successful network marketer must be a self-starter, have a strong vision, embrace rejection, inspire others [...]


Are Your Thoughts Keeping You Broke?

Some of you may have children. For me, I haven't yet had the privilege of raising little hellions of my own, but I do find myself fixing a lot of parents past mistakes in almost every coaching session I have. If you have children it will be easy for you to relate to this post, [...]