Build it Right

Are you a detail oriented green personality meeting with a prospect who is a fun loving blue?  What about a reserved yellow personality trying to recruit a goal oriented red?  Not sure?  What do you say to them?  Are you saying too much?  How do you close them?  Sarah shows you how to relate to [...]


“I Give Up”

It's been almost four years since I started with my company. You would think by now I would get used to the idea that some people just won’t make it in our field. I mean, looking back it’s not that shocking really. We quit most of the things we start in our lives. I know [...]


In just shy of 4 years in network marketing we’ve been fortunate enough to rub shoulders with and befriend many amazing top earners and executives in the industry.  We’ve worked under the belief that our level of success would be the average of our 5 closest friends, so of course we wanted to stack the [...]