Hi, we’re Sarah and Josh, and we’re jobophobics.  Wait a sec… You’ve never heard of jobophobia?  The primary symptom is the severe aversion to Monday mornings.  In addition to this anxious feeling you may experience irritability, the need to drink massive quantities of coffee to refrain from strangling those around you, a feeling of despair in the pit of your stomach, and the urge to randomly punch coworkers around you in the throat.

You’ll have to excuse my corny rant, but really though!  We were in that same situation just a few short years ago.

Our Story

We’re a normal couple from the mid-west.  We’re both Aries and devoted parents to our two cats, Joe and Ammo.  We have a similar eclectic love for all kinds of music and art, and enjoy antiquing and craft beer.

Sarah and I met in the summer of 2009.  Before too long our friendship had blossomed into romance, and as we got to know each other we realized we had more than a few things in common.  For one neither of us had much money.  Not an ideal situation for date nights, trust me!  We both worked low paying dead end jobs, me at a bank and her at a gym.  We were also both in college for degrees that we weren’t sure we would ever use.  I was in school for finance, which when I enrolled was very lucrative, and Sarah was in school for graphic design and international advertising.  Another thing we had in common was that after years of classes and almost $100,000 in student loan debt, neither of us was sure that we wanted careers in those particular fields!  

You see, after the economic downturn in 2008 it seemed like more finance graduates were waiting tables than crunching numbers.  I had waited tables for years, and while I had fun and met some great people, it wasn’t my first choice in career paths.   That brings me to something else that Sarah and I had in common.  Something very crucial to where we find ourselves today.  We shared a vision.  We knew we deserved more.

Not that having a vision makes us special.  Most Americans have visions and goals for themselves and their families.  Maybe it’s to go debt free, travel the world, put money in the kids college fund, or build that dream home.  We’re with you.

The problem we realized was getting from our present situation, (we’ll call it Point A) to that end goal (Point B).  We needed a vehicle to get us there.  Not a vehicle in the traditional sense of the word, but an income producing vehicle.  A business.  And so the search began.

As we started looking we sat down and established some guidelines for the type of business we were looking for.  It had to be very inexpensive to start because lets face it, we were broke.  We were also looking for something that produced residual income.  We had learned a little about residual income from a friend of ours, and loved the idea of getting paid over and over for work that was done once, like a recording artist cutting a record.  We also wanted something that was scalable, had a system for growth already in place, and that leveraged the skills of a team.

We thought that if we could get our hands on a business model like this, we’d have something really special, and if we could make it work for us we’d have a gold mine.

In late 2010 we discovered that vehicle.

Did it work?  Was it real?  It was for us.

In less than a year we had started a business that was paying us five to eight thousand dollars a month.  Less than 3 years later our business had grown to over four million dollars in sales every month, providing us with a multiple five-figure monthly income.

sarah-josh-wedding300x200With the help of this business we paid cash for our dream wedding, we travel more than 90% of Americans, we’re destroying our debt and building a legacy for our family.

Here’s the thing, and this may seem crazy to you at first.  You can do it too.  To be specific, you can do it much easier than we did.  We made mistakes, learned the hard way and paved the way for you.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  We now realize that our passion in life, what we really truly love, is helping people live up to their true potential.

So what if you wait tables, work at a gas station, work retail, or mop floors.  Is that your true potential?  I bet it’s not.

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Because we really, truly love what we do, and we’ve produced real results.

We created North Star Networker to educate and empower individuals who are looking for more out of life to create and live a financially free lifestyle.

We don’t claim to be guru’s and the techniques and methods that we share are not ways to “get rich quick” – they’re just ways of doing things that we’ve found to work.  We’re not claiming any big secret like so many other internet marketers out there.

Make no mistake, achieving financial freedom isn’t easy.  If it were, the statistics on the separation of wealth would be a little different.  BUT through planning, perseverance and the willingness to learn and apply that knowledge, you’ll see it change from a pipe dream to real life.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read this.  We hope to see you on the blog soon!

Much love!

– Sarah & Josh