Are Your Thoughts Keeping You Broke?

Some of you may have children. For me, I haven’t yet had the privilege of raising little hellions of my own, but I do find myself fixing a lot of parents past mistakes in almost every coaching session I have. If you have children it will be easy for you to relate to this post, as you will understand the simplicity of what I’m about to tell you.

If you do not have children and haven’t yet opened your mind to the possibility that you may well be your own worst enemy, this post will be rather eye-opening. One thing you will learn about me if you decide to regularly visit NSN (y’all come back now 😉 is that I am not one to sugar coat anything. I’m going to do you a favor and tell you something that one of my mentors told me in the beginning:

Get over yourself!

Do you remember when you were a child? What dreams you had? All kids know how to dream. You know, the typical fantasies. Perhaps yours was to be a firefighter or maybe a nurse, astronaut, ship captain or even a rock star. Somewhere along the way of your dreams and fantasies, life happens. Most kids were told that their dream was unrealistic . . . You may have even been one of these kids.

Somewhere along the way you were taught to be realistic, to stay inside the lines and realize that growing up means responsibility, and lets be real, they taught us responsibility was showing up at 8 o’clock and going home to a diminished existence at five.

Have you allowed your dreams to settle on the back burner?

Do you often question if it is too late? Are you too old?

Is it true you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

I’m not here to punish you or scold you for letting your dreams dissolve into the days of your past, because it’s usually the past that causes us to reevaluate our dreams.

I’m here to help you realize that it isn’t too late, that your dreams are achievable and you are not too old or too battered and bruised by society.

The cold hard reality is that once you decide to do something, the only person who can stop you is you.

The five most commonly held limiting beliefs that we must un-program from our thoughts are…

…I’m not good enough.

A silly statement when said out loud but almost every single person I encounter in this business doesn’t see their true potential.

I myself was included in that category. No person will ever perform farther than they see themselves.

It could be anything from your “Daddy didn’t love me” mentality to your broken heart because of a lovers betrayal that makes you believe deep down that you are not good enough. The goal is to find out WHY you think that way.

Did you know that God thinks you’re good enough? Even if you are not the type to take to spirituality or the word of God, give me a moment to state my case. I found this bible verse randomly on my iPhone bible one morning. It stood out to me like a naked man in the middle of the mall.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”Lk 6:38

My hope is that this races through your mind and your heart palpitates with excitement at the realization that you are good enough for God, you just have to be good enough for yourself.

If I would have let the naysayers and negativity of my “friends” and family stop me, I’d be working in a bar barely making the bills, wondering if my life would ever change. I didn’t make it as far as I have by chance, I made all of this by choice.

…I don’t have enough time.

Ahh, time. The Mayans said we were out of time. Seems they were wrong – and so are you. You have time. You have time to do whatever it is that you want. It’s requires eliminating time wasting activities!

When I first started my business I shut the cable off for almost a year. After that year I was making enough money to have cable and the fancy DVR box so I could catch my shows uuber late night.

Josh and I had to cut out those friends who were like leeches- sucking the goodness right out of our veins and deflating our dreams as we created them. They were hard to eliminate at first but now I thank God daily for giving me the strength to salt those leeches.

Facebook, how I love my Facebook. Years of petting, poking and liking have helped me build a network even Google is jealous of.

The down side of Facebook? I can see you on there . . . for hours.

It’s easy to get side tracked, it’s easy to get lost in lives you wish you had or those you can turn your nose to and scold. It’s also really easy to be sucked in by apps, games, and god knows what survey CNN is posting.

If you have time for Facebook, you have time.

Anything worth your time should bring forth good things for you and your family and unfortunately so many of us engage in time wasting activities on a daily basis!

I dare you to log how many times a day you check your Facebook, how long are you on there?

What about the God forsaken Pinterest? That can eat hours off the clock like sedation dentistry. Analyze where you are wasting time. Listen to books in the car, grocery shop on your lunch break, take the kids to the park and crack a new book. It’s time for you to MAKE time.

…I’m afraid of rejection.

Picture this, you put on your nicest clothes, a burst of that fancy smell and guess what? Today is a fantastic hair day!

You walk into a bar, you see someone who piques your interest, you ask if they would like to have a drink with you. The reply? “No way! I don’t like your hair, your breathe smells of sewage, you are totally- NOT my type.”

Ouch, the sting! The surge of embarrassing heat flushes through your body, your palms get sweaty and your insides feel as if you haven’t had a drop of water in decades. Your knees shake and you want to disappear. It hurts.

That my friends, is rejection.

Sharing your business opportunity, referring a product or talking about an idea is not something someone can reject. They can simply say, no.

I assure you, not one single person has died from hearing the word no. You are the only one who can reject anything of value.

How you handle this rejection will correlate directly to how strong your WHY is.

Why are you sharing this? What’s the reason?

If your why isn’t big enough to make you cry, keep digging. This is where that saying – “get over yourself” comes in handy!

Remember that nothing good comes easy, and ask yourself this. Are you going to let someone stop you from what your heart truly desires? Understand what rejection is. Most of you have it all wrong.

…I will fail.

I’m going to solve this one really quickly for you.

The only way to fail is to quit. Every trial and error is a stepping stone to success. If you are not encountering problems or learning from your mistakes, you’re simply not working! BOOM!

…I’m not a sales person.

My initial response to this is, THANK GOODNESS!

Success isn’t about selling. You don’t have to sell anything other than your good intentions!

What is the last movie you saw? I recently went and saw ‘The Hobbit’- it was fantastic! By far some of the best graphics I have ever seen in theaters. A captivating story worth the tickets and overpriced 1500 calorie popcorn consumption . . .

Did I offend you? Are you angry at me for making that recommendation? I didn’t think so. You know why? I shared with you my experience.

I shared.

My favorite restaurant is this little Italian Place called La Scola. They have two locations, one in Findlay, Ohio and another in Toledo, Ohio. I have never in my life had a salad as delectable as theirs. The white balsamic dressing keeps your yearning for more. The goat cheese stuffed mushrooms come sitting ever so pretty on a plate, right on top of these crunchy little flat breads. They are then drizzled with Balsamic vinaigrette so good your mouth waters at the sight of it and some organic fresh tomatoes thrown on top. I’ll tell you what, they come three to a plate and you better believe that when Josh and I go for date night–we’re ordering two plates.

Do you know why? I’m not about to ruin date night by stabbing him in the eye over the last mushroom-they are that good!

Do you want some yet? I thought so. I didn’t get paid for that, although if I did I would ask for it in mushrooms!

Being successful in your direct selling business isn’t about selling. It’s about sharing, being relatable and offering up what people want. You are only selling something when no one wants what you have. In that case, you might want to find a new field. 😉

Your mission is simple. Find out what is holding you back, stop telling yourself these five things, and re-evaluate your mind. It’s time for you to take your dreams into your own hands. Turn your can’t’s into cans and your dreams into plans.

Write it down.

Write all that nasty stuff you say about yourself down for one full day. At the end of the day stand in front of the mirror and repeat that nonsense to yourself. Now rip it up and throw it in the crapper never to say those things to yourself again.  Boom!


– Sarah


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